FV S.A. chereby informs its privacy policy as well as the terms and conditions of use of its website pursuant to the following provisions:

The access to and use of the website constitutes the acceptance of the privacy policy as well as of the terms and conditions of use thereof herein set forth.

The website and its content are the intellectual property of FV SA and are protected by Argentine law. In that sense, the use, diffusion, transmission, edition, with commercial or public purposes, of the contents registered by FV SA and/or the FV Group, included in all of their digital platforms, is expressly prohibited without prior and express consent.

FV, Franz Viegener, Novum and Grupo FV are trademarks owned by and/or applied for by FV SA. The use of the referred trademarks without express authorization is absolutely prohibited. The access to and use of the site, in no case may be construed as a grant of license for use and/or express or implied authorization for the use of the referred trademarks.

FV SA’s privacy policy has the main purpose of protecting the reserve and privacy of the information gathered from those individuals accessing and making use of its website.

FV SA adopts the technical and organizational measures to protect the security and confidentiality of third-party users of its website, even though the constant technological and IT developments do not allow to guarantee the full security of the personal data collected due to the use of the Internet.

FV SA assumes no liability if the privacy of the personal data of the users of its website is affected, or due to the possible consequences that may derive therefrom. It assumes no liability either in relation to the contents published on websites not belonging thereto and/or external to this Company and/or external to its group of websites.

The only personal data that might be collected due to the access to and use of the website is the data expressly set forth in the laws applicable on the matter in the Republic of Argentina.

Under no circumstances may FV SA request from its digital platforms credit and/or debit card data, or bank information from the websites users.

The data gathered and/or provided voluntarily due to the access to and use of the may be used by FV SA to contact the user via post and/or e-mail and/or by phone, in order to provide updated information about the products manufactured and commercialized by FV SA, based on the brands belonging to the FV Group, the existence of promotions, advertising campaigns, services, as well as in reply to queries received.

FV SA informs that it may assign and/or share the personal data of the users of its website with suppliers of IT services and/or electronic and/or physical information files; companies providers of advertising services and/or event organization and/or developing marketing policies for the Company; and/or other Companies members of the FV Group, whether national and/or international. In that sense, the assignees and/or any person sharing the above-mentioned information shall be subject to the same legal and regulatory duties as this Company.

The access to and use of the web shall allow FV SA to obtain additional information regarding the use of such web by the user. Thus, it may obtain information about the pages visited, time spent on each page, clicks on advertising contents, IP address protocols, type of browser used, address of any website used by the user to access the Company’s site, and other actions performed by the user while browsing on such web.

The user is advised to review the security configurations of its Internet browser, before and after accessing the website, in order to determine its privacy preferences personally.

FV SA shall not be liable for any eventual damage that the equipment used to have access to and use of the website may suffer, whether caused by computer viruses and/or as a result of the transfer of data and/or otherwise.
Any information linked to personal data may be consulted, updated and/or rectified and/or amended and/or deleted upon request from the interested party, and according to the terms of the law applicable in that sense, by contacting the Marketing Department of FV SA (

The duty of confidentiality of the personal data may be released through judicial decision and/or when there are justified reasons related to public security, national defense or public health.

FV SA reserves the right to modify and update without prior notice the privacy policies and the terms and conditions of use of its website when so deemed convenient, for which reason the users are advised to review the present terms and conditions regularly.

The responsible and good faith use and access of the website is required.